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As a wiki, we have technical and gritty cleanup to do, especially now that we are an established and ever-growing wiki with tons of active contributors. Here you will find various aspects of the wiki that must be kept in order.

Continuous maintenance

With problems such as short pages, badly-written articles, and unlicensed images, maintaining order is just as important as adding articles to the database – hence this section. You'll find many pages that need fixing, whether this involves licensing, expansion, or adding images. Click on a category or special page below to get started and find a page to improve which interests you.

SB Stubs: Articles that lack basic information. A stub should be expanded to at least 350 bytes or more depending on the article.
See Category:Stubs
LI Unlicensed Images: Images without one of these templates that excludes them from a subcategory of this.
AF Images without {{aboutfile}}: Images without {{aboutfile}} templates or with blank templates. When used properly, aboutfiles should provide a description and the source of an image.
CN Articles under {{construction}}: Articles that are not fully finished and need work.
See Category:Articles under construction
RW Rewrite: Poorly-written articles (e.g. ridden with grammar mistakes) that need to be fixed, or articles dumped from Wikipedia that need originality here.
Normal: See Category:Rewrite Requested • Expand: See Category:Rewrite and Expansion Requested
IM Image requested: Articles that need at least one image to illustrate the subject.
See Category:Image requested
IQ Images with bad quality: These images are of bad quality and need to be reuploaded.
See Category:Quality requested
NC No category: Articles without a category (ignore the Main Page).
See Special:UncategorizedPages
UT Unresolved talk pages: Talk pages with unresolved questions.
See Category:Unresolved talk pages
WP Wanted pages: Nonexistent articles that have the most red links to them. Most wanted article is at the top.
See Special:WantedPages
OR Orphaned pages: Articles that have no links from anywhere else.
See Special:LonelyPages
DE Dead-end pages: Articles that have no links to anywhere else.
See Special:DeadendPages
DR Double redirects: Redirects that lead to another redirect. They should be edited so both redirect to the same target page.
See Special:DoubleRedirects
BR Broken redirects: Redirects that lead to a nonexistent page. Article should be created or redirect target changed to an existing page.
See Special:BrokenRedirects
UN Unused files: All files should be used in at least one page. Some are lying around waiting to be tagged with {{delete}} as well.
See Special:UnusedFiles